Product introduction

Manufacture of models

   Handmade model method
   NC processing method based on data
   Optical modeling method
   Wooden mold modeling method
   Modeling and creping method

Manufacture of prototypes

   Direct carving and cutting mold method by NC processing based on data
   Epoxy resin mold method
   Silicon rubber mold method
   Wooden mold method
   ZAS precision casting method (Press, injection, etc.)
   Stamp resin mold method

Manufacture of prototypes (Aero parts)

   Ultra-low pressure infusion method (SP) (100g−8kg)
   Vacuum casting method
   Injection method (INJ) (400g−Max. 5kg)
   FRP method

Manufacture of molds for mass production

   Vacuum molding resin mold and metal mold methods
   Epoxy heat-resistant resin mold method
   Aluminum mold method
   Steel mold method
   Electrocasting mold method
   ZAS mold method

Manufacture of checking fixtures

   Simple checking fixtures for trial products
   Comprehensive checking fixtures for automotive interiors and exteriors
   General interior parts checking fixtures
   General exterior parts checking fixtures
   Including instrument panels and bumpers
   Checking fixtures for A, P, W, R, etc.

Manufacture of trimming/pierce molds

   Thomson blade attached molds
   Shearing molds made of special hard material
   Jagged blade attached molds
   Blade attached molds (Concurrent molding and cutting)
   Water jet cutting holders

Molding and processing of combined materials

   Autoclave method for carbon, Kevlar and other materials
   Vacuum packing method
   Pressing method

Manufacture of jigs for various operations

   Assembly jigs
   Robot transport jigs
   Adhesion jig
   Design and manufacture of special-purpose machine, etc.