Since our foundation in 1962 as a manufacture specialized in gmodelsh and gmolds,h we have been a steadily growing technostructure in this industry. We have kept ourselves updated with state-of-the-art equipment, and promoted technological innovation for all our manufacturing processes.
In our Mold Related Division, we have added manufacturing items one by one. Our internal system is substantial enough to allow us to carry out integrated manufacture from the provision of CAD data for the manufacture of models, prototype molds, prototype parts, resin molds, molds for mass production, inspection gauges, comprehensive checking fixtures for automotive interiors and exteriors and special-purpose machines to the manufacture of models, prototype molds, trial products, molds for mass production and inspection gauges.
In our Electric Division, we are manufacturing a wide variety of magnet coils (epoxy mold coils), which are essential to automatization. Our annual turnout is enormous.
With a company creed of gBe appreciative, sincere and earnesth and a motto of gManufacture quality products economically and efficiently,h we will continue to manufacture products to the satisfaction of our customers in this 21st century. This is where we solicit you for your favors and warm support.

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