History of Our Company

January 1962 Established a private company, gIto Tokushu Kogyosho,h and started manufacture and processing of automotive epoxy resin molds.
February 1965 Reorganized into a joint-stock company, gSanwa Kogei Co., Ltd.h
January 1970 Set up Mould Manufacturing Division.
January 1971 Set up Electric Division, and established a division system together with Mold Related Division. Started the manufacture of epoxy resin insulators and mold coils.
January 1973 Renamed to gSanwa Gosei Kogyo Co., Ltd.h
February 1975 Expanded Homi Factory No.1 as a subsidiary factory of Mold Related Division.
March 1976 Started the manufacture and sales of synthetic epoxy wood under the brand name of gSan Epo Wood.h
April 1977 Built Homi Factory No.2 as a factory exclusively for mold manufacturing.
June 1977 Introduced a large-sized NC processing machine (2m~3m) and a 3-D auto programming machine for the first time in the model industry. Formed a factory modernization plan for equipment, etc.
April 1978 Started business with Toyota Motor Corporation.
March 1985 Acquired a factory site of 6,600m2 in Green Technopia Industrial Park developed by Toyota City, and started building a new factory.
January 1986 Competed the building of the above new factory, i.e., Head Office Factory (total floor area: 6,275m2) (partly 3 stories).
Renamed to gSanwa Co., Ltd.h Consolidated all factories from three different places in Toyota City into Head Office Factory.
February 1987 Switched the computer CAD and CAM software to Caelum counterparts.
June 1990 Installed several units of large-sized NC machines for mold processing, precision 3-D measuring machines, digitizing machines and 5-axis large-sized NC machines for model processing, and completed the systematization of NC processing machines connecting these machines with optical cable via DNC controller.
June 1994 Installed, under the factory modernization plan, 16 sets of Caelum CAD/CAM software, many large-sized NC machines for mold processing, many 5-axis NC machines for model processing, double housing precision measuring machines, 13 units of layout machines, and double housing digitizing machines.
April 1997 Introduced one unit of ultra-low pressure infusion machine.
July 2001 Founder Katsunobu Ito stepped aside to Chairman of the Board, and Nobuhiro Ito acceded to presidency.