Profile of Our Company

Company name Sanwa Co.,Ltd
President Nobuhiro Ito
Capital 12,000,000 yen
Foundation January,1962
Establishment February,1965
Location 37-12,Shikita,Sasahara-cho,Toyota-City,Aichi
Head Office Factory 37-12,Shikita,Sasahara-cho,Toyota-City,Aichi
(Green Technopia Industrial Park,Toyota,Aichi)
Homi Factory 35-12,Kamisantoguchi,Homi-cho,Toyota-City,Aichi
Factry premises
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Area of site Area of building
Head Office Factory 6,600 m2 6,075 m2
Homi Factory No.1 6,150 m2 3,050 m2
Homi Factory No.2 1,200 m2 @600 m2
Line of business Mould Related Division:

Master models, prototype molds, prototype parts, epoxy resin molds, aluminum molds, steel molds, trimming molds, pierce molds, Thomson blade attached molds, shearing molds, jagged blade attached molds, inspection gauges, comprehensive checking fixtures for interiors and exteriors, electrocasting molds, special-purpose machines, carbon combined material molding, urethane infusion molded products

Electric Division

Magnet coil windings, epoxy mold coils, epoxy vacuum-impregnated and vacuum-cast molded products